Best Microwave Oven in India

Hello friends, in today's post, we will tell you about the microwave oven, commonly known as microwave. It is a kitchen appliance which heats food by exposing it to microwave of the electromagnetic spectrum and cooks microwave water fat.

The need of microwave ovens is increasing in working and urban life in today's life of Bhagdor.

Microwaves can now be seen as an essential kitchen home appliance in almost all households, even if it will be because it is about quick meats cooked for Bacharach or a housewife's meal again in hot  do.  It has made many of our everyday kitchen tasks easier than ever.

Perhaps this was the reason that Microwave made its special place here shortly after entering the Indian market in 1992.  Let us tell you that in India, brands like LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, Whirlpool and IFB are well known for microwave.

After this, we talk that if you are thinking of buying a microwave recently, but according to your needs it is difficult to decide which one to choose, then today we are going to make this problem easier for you.  Today we are going to discuss what types of microwaves are there, out of which you can choose your needs and also know how they work.


Types of microwaves

Solo / Conventional Microwave (19–23 liters) - This microwave is small and can be operated easily.  The price of these Solo microwaves is currently between Rs 4,500 and Rs 8,000 in the market.  It has a fan and a heating element, it is best in this. Grilling backing reheating simple cooking everything is done,

Grill Microwave (18-28 liters) - A completely different grill microwave than Solo Microwave does a lot of other things like baking, grilling and toasting.  You can get it from around Rs 4,990 in the market to around Rs 14,990 continuously.

Convection Microwave-in Microwave  Microwave can be used in all other cooking functions including barbecue.  This actually makes any food evenly heated inside the oven.  It is more expensive than the other two microwave variants.  Convection microwaves are priced between Rs 9,000 to Rs 25,000.


Conventional VS Convection

Conventional microwave oven produces hot micro waves, which pass through glass and plastic containers to cook food.  It combines basic microwave technology with radiant heat and actually releases hot air to heat the food in the oven.  Convection microwaves on the other hand also have a fan with a heating element to circulate hot air into the oven.  Because of which food cooks evenly.

Of these three microwaves, Solo Microwave and Convection Microwave are currently the most popular in the market.


Keep these things in mind while buying

  • Microwave Size

Microwave size can be chosen according to the people for whom the food is being prepared.  Suppose you have 2-3 members in your family, then a small size microwave (18-20 liters) would be best.  Similarly a large microwave with high power will be needed for cooking for a large family.  These mid-sized microwaves (20–23 liters) are the most popular in the market.

  • Company

Some famous brands like Samsung, LG, Toshiba, IFB manufactures microwave ovens.  All heating elements and body except IFB and Godrej offer a three-tier warranty, plus a one-year warranty.  After this, keep in mind the cell service of different brands.

  • Automatic Sensor

Ovens with automatic sensor automatically turn off when the sensor senses that the food has been completely cooked.  This prevents the food from getting too hot.

  • Power rating

A high power rating means less cooking time.  Large-sized microwaves typically use (1000–1600 watts) while smaller-sized microwaves use less power (800–1000 watts).

  • Control panel

It would be better to buy a microwave with mechanical or mechanical and touch control panel features.  The touch control panel has to be handled carefully as there is a possibility of failure.  Most companies nowadays have started providing mechanical control panels for their microwaves.

  • Child Safety Lock

This is an essential feature that should be taken into consideration when buying microwave oven for those who have young children in their families.  This electric lock system prevents any accident of oven.

Top 5 microwave under 10,000

1. Panasonic 20 L Grill Microwave Oven

  • Bajaj is a reputed name in India that guarantees high-quality products.  This 25L water heater is one such device.  Bajaj New Shakti Geyser comes in 10L and 15L storage capacity.
  • Glass-line internal tank Multiple security system Highly Efficient Incoloy Heating Element Power saving features,
  • Since this geyser can withstand up to 8 bar of pressure, it is an ideal for those living in high-rise apartments.  This water heater is a compact device, but it does not compromise on the storage capacity of 25 liters.
  • The glass-lined coated inner tank is rust free while the plastic body makes it a lightweight device.  This geyser comes with PUF insulation to ensure that the water stays warm enough for a long time.
  • From a security angle, this device is a good one as it comes with many security systems such as overheating, dry heat and even

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2. Samsung 21 L Convection Microwave Oven (CE73JD-B / XTL, Black)

  • This convection microwave oven with a capacity of 21 L. is a complete package for small family ie 3-4 members. This device is quite useful as you can bake, grill, re-heat and defrost it with it. The micro + grill and micro + oven cooks cooking very fast.
  • This device is sufficient for 30 seconds of heating to heat the food plate to the desired level with 800 Walt electricity.
  • The oven has several pre-set menus categorized as India's best, Tikka Series, Cafeteria, Healthy Cook, Kids Nutrition and Veg Series. There is also an option to preheat and keep warm in the oven.
  • In the old device of Samsung convection oven, you have to set the time in increments of 10 seconds, which is very tedious.
  • Now, with this oven, they have buttons for 10 minutes, 1 minute and 10 seconds increments that speed up the setup process.
  • Yet another advantage of the oven is the ceramic enamel cavity. It is not only extremely easy to clean, but is also scratch resistant and anti-bacterial.  In fact, even if you clean it just once a week, the stains come out easily.

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3. IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven (20SC2, Metallic Silver)

  • This IFB 20 L device, which is one of the popular IFB 20SC2 convection microwave ovens with a 1200+ user rating, has been described as very useful
  • This device with a capacity of 20 L is sufficient for families of 3-4 members. 1200 watts of power
  • This oven with potential is also above the previous Samsung microwave oven. Yet both devices have a similar price.
  • Being a convection microwave oven, you can bake, grill, heat, reheat defrost and cook various food of your choice. The pre-set menu includes bread snack, drinks, rice, tandoori, stuffed vegetables, desi spice mix and desi.
  • There are also 4 settings combining microwave, grill and convection where you can set the temperature from 110 to 200 ° C.
  • The interiors are made of stainless steel. The advantage of this is that the heat is reflected well and the food is heated more evenly.  But on the flip side, you have to wipe off the oil splatter while grilling immediately after cooking to make the cleaning process easier.
  • Speaking of performance, the oven is quite efficient in all tasks of cooking. However, take care to inspect it well at the time of receiving it as there are complaints of damage during transit.
  • An accurate comment cannot be made about the after-sales service as it depends on the area where you live. While many users remain satisfied with the after-sales service, this is not the case at all.

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4. Morphy Richards 23 L Convection Microwave Oven (23MCG, Black)

  • With a pretty stylish appearance and sleek control panel, this option from Morphy Richard has a capacity of 23L, while others in this price range have a capacity of less than 20L.
  • Like other convection ovens, it has options for microwave, grill, and convection, in addition to a combination of all three. There is also a defrost option.
  • The control panel is comparatively sensitive to touch. But you have to press the arrows to set the timer to the desired level, which is a bit tedious.
  • Performance wise, the microwave comes with 800 watts of power and the device is quite efficient as well. It is also easy and easy to operate.
  • Overall, if you are looking for a large oven with all the basic functions, then Morphy Richard's option will be suitable for you.

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5. LG 20 L Grill Microwave Oven (MH2044DB, Black)

    • LG ovens are generally expensive. Their convection ovens typically come with a price tag above Rs.  10000 / - but their Soul and Grill microwave ovens fall within this price range.
    • It is receiving reviews from LG MH2044DB customers. Although quite basic, it completely takes care of all the intended functions.
    • As the name suggests, in this oven, you have a microwave, grill, and combination function, with which you can heat, grill, defrost some dishes. The unit also has some pre-defined menus.
    • Other functions include keeping the warm function through which you can keep the food warm for 90 minutes.
    • One advantage of LG ovens is that it uses quartz heaters while most other brands use sheath heaters. With a quartz heater, heating inside the cavity is much more uniform and quick.
    • Also, it is hidden inside the body so that you get more space inside and there is no risk of burning your hands while handling utensils inside the oven. The interiors also have an anti-bacterial coating.
    • Thanks to the energy saving feature, the display turns off when the unit is not activated on a stretch for 5 minutes.

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  • If you are looking for an economical and long lasting convection microwave, then 20BC4 is a good option with a capacity of 20 liters.
  • The 20-liter compact microwave does not sound very powerful but with 10 adjustable power and temperature levels it does a good job of cooking and baking.
  • This oven is the perfect choice for small kitchen or office etc.

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