We enjoy the innovation of such a lot of gadgets and appliances in today’s life and it nearly impossible to assume to stay without them even for a day. Those devices and appliances make our life so much easier and secure. But there's one aspect without which those devices are of no use, sure I am speaking approximately power. If power is going out, we are able to experience them, they come to be useless pieces of tin. But there comes second while we need to face strength cutoffs, in those state of affairs where an inverter comes handy.

We ought to all have inverters in our houses as well as workplaces. Our life depends on these inverters, that’s why we need to be very careful while we purchase one. We must continually select the great battery in line with our necessities.

Well, it could be a tricky job to pick out the right battery as most people don’t have a whole lot know-how approximately inverters.

Fear now not in this text I will inform you a number of hints you must preserve in thoughts when it comes to shopping for an inverter battery. I will also be listing a number of the pleasant inverters and inverter battery you can pass and buy on your homes or offices.

First allow me inform you what's an inverter

An inverter is a digital circuit for converting direct modern-day (DC)  to alternating modern (AC). Inverters are used in a wide range of  packages, from small switched strength elements for a pc to massive  electric-powered application packages to transport bulk electricity

Battery is the muse of an inverter framework. The execution and lifestyles of an inverter to a terrific extent rely on the battery quality. This is what is called the battery restrict. It's miles the battery restrict that chooses the backup hours. By using manner of knowledge this honest estimation you now not surely spare yourself from the misleading records shared via inverter investors but moreover help yourself  in taking right

How should you pick right battery and inverter?


If you are planning to buy a new inverter or changing your old  inverter, it is very essential to understand which inverter is best for your office/home.

The power requirement at your home can be different from your neighbor’s home.

 So do not just install the same inverter that you have asked your neighbors in your home. Before buying an inverter for your home do a little homework and understand the basics. Here below are some of the points you have to keep in mind before buying one.

  1. Brand

The first and major factor you have to look is that the inverter battery you're buying is of which brand. Deciding on a branded product could be very vital as it gives you a feel of surety for your mind. Also, all of the brands gives you the great after sale provider which local manufacturers don't.


  1. Backup in hours

A number of backup hours you need. Now you can clearly see as the number of backup hours increases the required battery size also increases.

  1. Voltage

The voltage of battery cell. Usually, it is referred as Nominal voltage. Almost all of the top brands of batteries have 12V or 12 voltages. We guess 24V and 48V batteries are not available in India

  1. Battery type

There are two types of batteries in the market namely Flat plate battery, Tubular battery. Each and every battery vary depending on its internal technology used to store the current. The features which differ are safety, efficiency, battery life, maintenance, and price.

  1. Bigger appliances

Home equipment like refrigerator and air conditioner have cars of their compressor that want a massive quantity of cutting-edge to start. In case you want those to run when there's a strength cut off, you'll want to boom the dimensions of  VA and the scale requirement of your inverter and battery.

  1. Find the VA rating

The Volt-Ampere(VA) rating of an inverter is the apparent power it can supply to power the appliances at any given point of time. It is calculated by summing the individual power ratings of all the appliances one wishes to run on inverter power. Generally, the power factor is between 0.7 to 0.8.

Now, 600W is the power rating of all the appliances one would want to run on inverter power. Dividing 600 by power factor, i.e. 0.8 would yield the VA rating one should purchase an inverter with, i.e. 600 / 0.8 = 750 VA.

Therefore, for the above stated energy requirement, a 900 VA inverter would be an appropriate choice.

  1. Battery capacity

 Earlier than shopping for the inverter battery you have to need to calculate the desired potential so you can purchase the product according to your wishes. The Inverter battery comes in lots of potential. To choose the great inverter battery for your property you first ought to recognize approximately the capacity your home desires.


Types of Inverter Battery


There are the three types of the best inverter batteries.


  1. Lead Acid Battery

The lead-acid battery is the most common battery you will find in most houses and also is the oldest of the three. They are not much expensive and also  have a large amount of capacity. It doesn’t weight much as it is light compared to the other batteries. It’s life span last for 3 to 4 years.  The only drawback is that, It releases harmful gases so it has to be used in a ventilated location.

  1. Maintenance Free Battery

Maintenance free battery is sometimes called a gel battery. It is a lead acid battery without the need for maintenance. It is sealed as It uses gel and absorbent glass mat . It is very expensive and costly and also has a shorter lifespan when compared to other batteries.

  1. Tubular Battery

The tubular battery has a more complex design compared to the two. It has a longer lifespan and better efficiency with low maintenance. This is the main reason why it is so expensive.



5 Best Inverter Battery in India

1. Luminous RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

  • The company is known as one of the best manufacturers of inverters throughout India
  • It is really powerful and can easily power three tube lights, three ceiling fans and one LED television.
  • It has an inverter support of 150 AV, which is best for lighting, and stationary applications.


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  • It has cutting edge vent design which keep your house luminous for a very long time no matter what.
  • It doesn’t easily got corrosion as the battery has unique patented alloy composition



  • Exide IT500 is a 150 ah tall tubular battery from India’s largest battery manufacturing company..
  • It works consistently even under an arduous situation.
  • It provides warranty of more than 5 years

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  • It comes with a special feature called Electrolyte Level Indicator Sensor that warns before the levels will go down.
  • It gives long backup when the power is cut off.



  • This model is from one of the India’s leading battery manufacturing company ‘Amara Raja Batteries Ltd’.
  • It provides warranty which includes 36 months free replacement warranty + 1 year prorate warranty.
  • It is a good alternative for Exide IT500 as it provide same performance but is cheap in Price.

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  • Its span life is really long as it provide good quality of battery.
  • The battery doesn’t get leaked due to its low lead reserve.



  • Luminous is one of the best battery manufacturers in India. Luminous has variety of tall tubular battery models designed for use with Home UPS systems.
  • It gives long warranty due to which it is very popular among users who prefer reliable and branded long back up tubular battery.
  • It has a life span of over 1250 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD)
  • It is designed to provide excellent charge acceptance and good discharge feature.

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  • It provide life expectancy of more than 5 years.
  • It has branded back up battery and is really affordable in price.

5. Exide 150 Ah New Insta Brite Battery

  • It reduces water loss due to its hybrid alloy system and also has a dual plate separation that lessens the possibility of premature failure.
  • It has advanced hybrid technology
  • The Exide Inverter Plus Battery has been manufactured from ribbed free polyethylene layered with textured glass mat for double strength.

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  • It can be best suited to withstand extreme temperature conditions as it has an advanced hybrid technology.
  • It doesn’t have leakage problem as it come s with fume and leak resistant.



1. Microtek Inverter Ups Sebz 900 Va Sinewave Inverter

It has an elegant design, and look stylish when placed in your home or office. It comes with a digital display so the voltage can be easily seen. It has micro-controller based intelligent control design.

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  • It can also be used with solar tubular battery with connecting external solar charge controller.
  • You can easily check input and output voltage as it has a digital display.


  • If you have more load requirement, you might want to look for higher capacity.
  • It is not suitable for heavy electronics.


2. Luminous Solar NXG Hybrid Inverter 1100 – 12V


Solar hybrid ups with inbuilt charge controllers are perfect choice for harnessing solar powers from panels to drive your household electrical loads. It supports up to 1000 watt solar panel and parallel combination of 150Ah 12v battery also

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  • It is very long lasting and also comes with a warranty period.
  • It is very sturdy and reliable


  • It gives slight noise when used in UPS mode when load in mains.
  • No battery charge indicator only low battery indicator.


3. Sukam Brainy ECO 1100 Solar Inverter with PWM Charger 

It is a perfect choice in Indian homes. It has a unique feature that isn’t available in other solar inverter brands which is that this inverter switches to battery power once the battery is fully charged.

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  • It is very useful to you if there are long and frequent power cuts in your area.
  • It uses green energy with no noise or fumes.


  • It is not able to get Charged when the inverter is in battery mode.
  • The main problem is that it uses battery daily.

4. Genus Proton K 750 - Home UPS/Inverter

The battery selection switch & Genus ASIC technology guarantees the long life of any type of battery. Uncompromised quality makes it capable to work even in extreme power conditions so you can continue without interruption.

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  • It is Best for Computers and Household Appliances
  • Its King size input voltage range charges your battery even at the low/down voltage and never lets you down when there is total blackout


  • It gets very hot when used for a long time.
  • It makes noise while charging battery.


5. APC Home UPS 850VA Sine Wave Inverter


American Power Conversion Corporation (APC by Schneider Electric) is one of the best inverter brands that are known for manufacturing home UPS keeping our frequent power outages in mind.

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  • It is best for harsh Indian power conditions
  • It comes with a warranty period of 2 years.


  • There is no bypass switch installed in it.
  • There is Slight noise from the cooling fan

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