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Which is better, a gas geyser or an electric geyser?


Friends, today we are going to talk about which one to take geyser, take electronic geyser or gas geyser, after reading this post you will get your check clear, after reading this post you will get clear about who we are  To take a geyser is to take an electronic geyser or to take a gas geyser।

Whenever you go to a store or store and there you ask which geyser you want to take, electronic geyser or gas geyser, So stay with us in this post, we will clear your confusion।

In olden times, large pots were used for hot water and fuel consumption was also very high.  But in today's time we use geyser to make hot water.  Whenever we need to buy a new geyser, an idea comes to our mind about which geyser would be suitable for us।


Things To Keep in mind when buying a geyser


Why we are buying Geyser:

We should buy Geyser only keeping in mind the use of Geyser.

If we have to use geyser for the kitchen or any small work, then we do not need geyser with more capacity.

And if we want to put a geyser in our bathroom and the number, this geyser is enough for at least 4 to 5 members in our house, so definitely we can buy a big geyser.


Types of Geysers

Before buying Geysers we should also know how many types of Geysers are available in the market. And when we go to buy anything, before that we should first get  about that item because today it is very important to know about this item at this time purchasing it, so you should first get the information


Types of Geysers


Taking a bath with cold water in this winter season is equivalent to climbing a big mountain, so bathing with warm water during the winter season is very important. a luxury.

Because according to today's technology it is very easy to heat hot water in geysers just by pressing a switch in it.  Today geysers have become a necessity for every household.  If you are going to buy geyser too, then choose geyser according to the needs of your family.

There are many types of geysers available in the market at this time.  Each of them has its specialty,  Know about these characteristics।


Electric geyser

This is a very common geyser.  It uses a copper coil to heat the water.  There are also two types of geysers - electric instant geyser and electric storage geyser.  Electric geysers are generally safer.  They do not cost much but the operational cost is high.  They are smaller than gas geysers, so they can be easily installed anywhere.  They heat water rapidly and do not even emit carbon dioxide,  They need electricity to operate।


Gas geyser

This geyser is also very popular nowadays.  It uses LPG and propane gas to heat water.  It heats water much faster than electric geysers.  It uses a gas burner to heat water.  It is generally considered good for large families.  It also requires good ventilation with a large bathroom.  Its operational cost is about half that of the electric geyser.  But its size is large.  One of its features is that you can control the heating level.  Its repairing is also easy।


Tank water heater

The storage geyser consists of a tank water heater, in which water is collected first, then heated.  Its biggest drawback is that if the water stays in the tank for a long time, it cools back.  Installing this geyser is easy.  It is planted indoors.  It comes with electric, natural gas, and propane models.


Tankless water heater

Tankless water heaters are small in size.  It can be installed indoors or even outside.  Its quality is that when you have to heat water, it does so.  Also, there is no hassle of storing water in it.  It heats water through an electric coil or natural gas.


Hybrid water heater

It consists of a water tank that stores water.  It also has a heat pump, whose job is to collect heat.  It consumes 60 percent less electricity than a normal heater.  However, it costs more.  Its specialty is its water pressure, which keeps the flow of hot water constant.

Solar water heaters can be a good option where there is more sunlight.  Although you have to spend more on it in the initial stages, but later there is no need to spend on it.  It is a good option for small families.


Solar Water Geyser

In a solar water geyser, the water is heated through sunlight.  In this, the water is heated by sunlight throughout the day and that water is stored in a geyser tank and it is used when needed.  Solar water geyser is not suitable at all for those areas where sunlight is very low or the sun does not come out.

Apart from this, its maintenance cost is also more than gas geyser and electric geyser.  With solar water geysers, we can use water within a certain capacity.  Whereas in electric geyser and gas geyser we can use water as per our own.

Hard or soft water: When purchasing a geyser, it should also be kept in mind that where we are going to use the geyser, which of the hard water or soft water is available to us.  If soft water comes in our house, then the performance of our victory will be good.  Conversely if we use geyser in hard water, its quality will decrease very soon.  Therefore, in case of hard water, we should buy resistant or resistance water heater।


Which is the best-branded geyser in the Indian market?

There are many companies in India who will get their new technology geysers, electronic geyser or gas geyser, and will tell about all the geysers of electronic and gas geysers available in India.

1. Bajaj New Shakti GL 25-Liter Vertical Storage Heater

Bajaj is a reputed name in India that guarantees high-quality products.  This 25L water heater is one such device.  Bajaj New Shakti Geyser comes in 10L and 15L storage capacity.

Glass-line internal tank Multiple security system Highly Efficient Incoloy Heating Element Power saving features,

Since this geyser can withstand up to 8 bar of pressure, it is an ideal for those living in high-rise apartments.  This water heater is a compact device, but it does not compromise on the storage capacity of 25 liters.

The glass-lined coated inner tank is rust free while the plastic body makes it a lightweight device.  This geyser comes with PUF insulation to ensure that the water stays warm enough for a long time.

From a security angle, this device is a good one as it comes with many security systems such as overheating, dry heat and even

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2. AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-025 Storage 25-Litre Vertical Water Heater

  • Best 25-Liter Geyser AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-025 Storage 25-Liter Vertical Water HeaterAO Smith is one of the top-rate manufacturers of water heaters and geysers in the world. This water heater is a storage type device available in two storage capacities, 15L and 25L.
  • Capacity - 25 L. Blue Diamond Glass Lined Inner Tank Glass Coated Heating Element Double protection
  • The X-025 has Capacity a blue diamond coated glass lined inner tank that prevents rust while being durable.
  • The heating element of the water heater is an important part of the equipment. This heater comes with a glass-coated heating element that prevents scale formation, extending the life of the component.
  • On the safety front, this geyser is the best in the business as it offers dual protection with thermal cut-out feature and presence of multi-function safety valves.
  • Despite being a US-based company, AO Smith understands Indian requirements. Thus, you have some of the best water heaters of AO Smith working perfectly in Indian conditions.  This 15-liter geyser is one of them. Blue Diamond Glass-Lined TankAble to handle 8-bar pressure
  • Compatible with hard water  Energy saving features
  • This geyser has a blue diamond glass-lined inner tank to prevent rust

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3. Crompton Bliss Instant Water Heater

  • This geyser of the famous company Crafton is of 3 liter capacity. Crompton is best water heaters brands Geyser power is 3 kW.  It has 4 good safety features.
  • This geyser can withstand 6.5 times the pressure.
  • The geyser tanks are made of steel and bari of good quality plastic. The heating element is made of copper.
  • The geyser special design prevents backflow water.
  • Indicators are very well displayed. Bari is attractive and sleek.
  • The company is giving 2 years warranty.
  • Company facility is available for installation of geysers. This facility can be obtained after purchasing.

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4. ACTIVA Instant SPECIAL Anti Rust Coated Tank Geyser

  • This geyser from the relatively new company Activa also has a capacity of 3 liters. Its power is 3000 watts.
  • The geyser tank is made of special corrosion-resistant steel.
  • The geyser has all the necessary safety features available.
  • The company is giving 1 year warranty on the element and 5 years on the tank. This geyser is equipped with ISI mark.  Fully capable of saving electricity.
  • The company's service centers are limited. This is the best instant geysers in India.
  • Anti Rust Coated Tank New brand 5 year warranty Limited service center ISI marked geyser

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5. Havells Instanio Instant Geyser

  • Havells is a well-known name in electrical appliances. This is best instant geyser.
  • This geyser is of 3 litres capacity. Its power is 3 kW.
  • Its fence is made of good quality plastic and tank steel. It can tolerate 6.5 times pressure.  That is why it is useful for high rise building.
  • All the necessary safety features are given in the geyser.
  • Indicators, elements and insulations of good quality have been used.
  • The heating element is copper. It is capable of heating water rapidly.
  • The company is giving 2 years warranty on this geyser and 5 years on the element.

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