Best Bicycle in India -2020

Things to keep in mind before buying a bicycle, how to buy a bicycle for women or men, buying a bicycle today is also not an easy thing.  Before buying a bicycle, there are many features that we need to consider before buying a bicycle, such as how to buy a bicycle for a woman or man in the beginning.

For this, many people have to take an opinion, like our friend or from a shopkeeper and also online, it is very important to get opinions and suggestions about the cycle, because any mistake is a moment but repent  It takes a lifetime.

Buying a bicycle is a matter of a moment, you get a new bicycle in a moment, but you feel that everything is fine at that time but it does not last long, because after a few days you will find many mistakes inside the bicycle.

It will look like the frame of this bicycle is not right, which causes pain in your feet or problem in applying the brake, there is a sound in the disc brake and you see many such mistakes.

There are many advantages to keeping a bicycle, but it also has its shortcomings, anytime the shop owner will try to sell you a bicycle.  But it is very important to find out everything about it, guaranteed warranty

Before buying a bicycle, you need to ask yourself the question of how much cycle you will be able to ride on a weekly or monthly basis, first of all it is very important to know what is the purpose of buying a bicycle.  All you can buy for fitness, traffic, training


How to find the right type of bicycle

There are many types of bicycles available in the market today, there are different types of bicycles available in the market and non-bicycles, whenever you go to buy a bicycle, you can find thousands of bicycle brands there.  Are, and hearing the right cycle at the moment can be very difficult.  After you decide the budget and purpose, you may want to listen to the type of road bike.

Suppose your budget is less than ₹ 25,000 and your goal is to be fit, commute or light touring, then you are a MTB or Hybrid brand of bicycle that you should listen to.  It is very important to know about what are the features and facilities provided in this bicycle, it is very important to know about it, below you will find the major three types of bicycle  I will tell you about


Types of bicycles

  1. Roadbike
  2. Hybrid
  3. Mount bike

There are also commuter bikes, thick bikes and foldable bikes that you can see.


Road bike

If you like to run and you want to run then road bike bicycle is the best option for you and this bike is slick and fast, and if you can handle your speed and handle the bicycle with good handling and skill and do something  If you can, then road bike is a very good option for you

When you go to get a simple road bike, you will have to spend at least ₹ 25000, there are some brands of road bikes which I am telling you further,

If you are a student and still have a budget, we recommend you start from the bottom.  Take a mountain bike first and make your way.


Hybrid bike

Hybrid road bike bicycle and mountain bike is a combo bike bicycle, hence its name hybrid bike.  Like, one can use this bike for long distance, fitness and touring.  This basic hybrid bicycle will require you to spend at least 15000 INR. And if you are looking for a hybrid bicycle with a range of more than this, then the budget above ₹ 30000 will give you better geometry and higher quality bicycle.


Mountain bike

Now we have a mountain bike category.  These bikes are commonly found on Indian roads.  You can use them for fitness, traffic and off-roading (hardtail).

One you have decided on your budget, purpose and type of bike, now you can know how to shortlist some bicycles.

First of all, you need to see the components.  Shimano and SRAM are famous in this industry.  Most bikes will come with these components.  Some people can also come with a combo of both. And you can see below things to keep in mind while buying a bicycle.

Whenever we go to buy a bicycle, for which work we are first buying a bicycle and after that you will have to prepare the budget of the bicycle, then after deciding on the purpose and type of bicycle, you will get to know about that bicycle like this  Pay attention to the front suspension of the bicycle and then take care about the disc brake of this bicycle.

Before buying a bicycle, you have to think about whether to buy a non-bicycle or non-non-bicycle, it is important to pay attention to the frame of the bicycle such as the type of frame in the bicycle and the size of the frame, and the wheels of the bicycle.  It is also a kind of meditation, and there is a lot of care about the bicycle.


Types of bicycle frames

Steel frame

Steel frames have been used for centuries by bicycle manufacturers.  This frame is inexpensive and durable, but it is heavy in weight.

Aluminum frame

This frame is different from the steel frame. These frames are the major part of the bicycle industry.  Aluminum frames are slightly more expensive than steel frames, and these frames are lighter but never rust.

Carbon frame

This frame is light, hard and corrosion resistant.  This bike is a very durable and expensive material when used on bicycles.


Geared v/s nongeared

Many of us keep thinking like taking a non-bicycle or non-non-bicycle, this confusion happens to many people, take a non-bicycle or non-non-bicycle, which would be the best bicycle, then the first thing.  Do you get the benefits of a non-bicycle, if you have to travel long distance, if you have to do climbing, then if you have to travel long distances.  In the gear that cycle will be very good, and if you are cycling from 2 to 3 kilometers like that normal use without your for non-degree cycle will be very good,

In a non-bicycle, you get a lot of options for changing gears and the mood also changes. What is there is that the pendles will go fast and the speed of the cycle will be low, so you will be able to do more panels even in short distances.  You will also get more workouts. This is the biggest benefit in a cycle with a non-cycle, a non-cycle cycle that uses 2 to 3 kilometers. Non-bicycle cycle is good for them.  Gee, it would not be right for him to take a non-cycle cycle. And for those who do not have the time, a non-gear cycle would be good, then a non-cycle bicycle is very good for long distances and non-non-one for two to 3 kilometers.  The cycle will be very good.

Talk about the maintenance of these two cycles, you will get a lot of options in a non-cycling cycle, you will get different options for climbing and different options for downing, and you will get different benefits for traveling long distances.  The only option in non is super paneling, which can cover a distance of two to 3 kilometers and is best for that, and both of these are the same maintenance.  No different, non-bicycle is good for long distance and non-non-bicycle is good for two to 3 kilometers।


Top 10 bicycles under 15000 in India

Do you want to buy a high-end bicycle with great performance?  Then there is the idea of ​​bicycle in this price category.

I am going to show you the best cycle for under ₹ 15,000.  Which you can buy online in India.  Which carries with them a good set of features, design and performance.

1. Cosmic Trium 27.5 inch MTB bicycle

The Cosmic Trium is the best gear cycle under 15000 to buy in India.  It is a mountain style bike with a total of 21 gear speeds.  This gives you a lot of control over your speed, and allows you to ride all types of terrain.  Even though it is recommended for men, it can be used by anyone.  Make sure that you satisfy the height limit.  This bike has superb design, geometry and performance.


Gears: 21 Tire Size: 28 Inch Frame siz e: 17 Inch Brake Type: Disc Breakerrider Hague T: 5.6 - 5.9 Inch Ideal for: Men

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2. Cosmic Eldorado 1.0L 21 Speed Edition MTB Bicycle

It is a versatile and fast affordable bike with a great design.  It is suitable for people 12 and older.  So if you want to get a high quality bicycle for your son or daughter, this is a great option.  Adults can ride it, not just children.  It is made from high quality steel and alloy material.  It also uses zoom suspension and disc brakes for optimum safety and performance.


Gears: 21 Tire Size: 26 inch Frame siz e: 19.5 inch Brake Type: Disc Brakeframe Material: Steel Age Limit: 12 and above

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3. Hero Octane 26T Dude 21 Speed Cycle

This is a great bicycle to get for children, teenagers and young adults.  The recommended age range is 13 and over, but anyone can ride it as long as their height is around 5.4 inches or more.  This bike has a blue design and 21 Shimano speed gears.  It has thick, hilly style tires.  The material is strong, and it is safe and fun to use.


Gear: 21 Shimano Speed ​​Shift Tire Size: 26 Inch Frame Size: 18 Inch Rider Height: 5.4 to 6.4 Inch Brake Type: Front Disc Brake and Rear V-Brakeframe Material: Steel

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4. Hero SDTB26BKBL02 Octane DTB V3

It is a high octane bicycle that is suitable for anyone looking for a reliable bicycle.  It has Shimano front and rear derailers.  It has ideal frame and tire sizes, making it comfortable to use.  The design is also quite good with black and blue color combinations.  Here are its specifications:


Gears: 21 Tire Size: 26 Inch Frame Size: 19 InchDealer: Shimanorang: Black / Blue

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5. Cosmic KC0049 Gear Cycle

It is a high quality mountain bike with wheels made of double alloy and a frame made of steel.  The frame size is ideal for most riders of a wide range of ages and heights.  Such a durable bike is great for casual riding, road cycling and mountain biking.  It also has a sporty look.


Gears: 21 Tire Size: 27.5 Inch Frame Size: 18 Inch Frame Material: Steel Wheels: Double Alloy

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6. Hercules Roadeo A300 cycle

It is one of the best-selling bicycles under Rs.  15000 in India.  It is part of the Hercules series of bicycles, with a strong alloy frame and sharp performance.  This bike uses Shimano gears, which are some of the best in the market.  It is made from high quality materials and engineering.


Gears: 21 Tire Size: 26 Inch Frame Size: 18 Inch Frame Material: Alloy Metal Range: 13 and above

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7. Hercules Roadeo A75

This is another gear cycle in the Hercules series.  Hercules is one of the most popular bicycle brands in India.  They make sporty, professional and fast bicycles in all price categories and all sizes.  Here are the specifications of this gear bicycle by Hercules:


Gears: 21 Tire Size: 26 Inchgear Type: Shimanoframe Material: Aluminum Suspension Type: Rear Suspension

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8. Atlas S-10 FS DDB 24T 21 Speed Grey

This bicycle is ideal for use by both men and women.  It uses high quality dual disc brakes with 21 speed gear.  The design is also unique.  It is one of the best looking bicycles in the market due to the combination of black and red colors.  It is sleek, light and sporty.


Gears: 21 Tire Size: 26 Inchgear Type: Shimanoframe Material: Aluminum Suspension Type: Rear Suspension

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9. Hercules Top Gear TZ150 Road Bike

This bike is for those who want a more comfortable, casual use for the bicycle.  This list has a slightly lower gear than the typical cycle, which is great for casual use.  It is suitable for both men and women, as the frame size and tire size are correct.  But despite being low speed, it is versatile and performance-based like any other bicycle on this list.


Gears: 18 Tire Size: 26 Inch Brake Type: Dual Disc Brakeframe Material: Steel Suspension Type: Full Suspension

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10. Atlas Torpedo D/Shox And Dual Disc Brake 26T Mountain

It is a single-speed bicycle, sometimes called a fixed-gear bicycle.  It is popular due to its simplicity and cheap price.  The bike also has a very good looking design with a steel-welded frame and alloy wheels.  Color combination is also good.


Gears: None Tire Size: 26 Inch Wheel Type: Alloy Frame Material: Steel Suspension Type: Double Suspension

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